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Love and Affection is my game!!




I'm living all by myself in this big house and I tell you this, it hard on me!
If I'm used to have 3 to 4 hour to sleep before, now, I would probably need to sleep 6 hours per day, or more!
I'm a heavy sleeper and when I sleep, its hard to awake except if someone was there to wake me up from my slumber.
So, i have to sleep around 8p.m until 2 a.m. Which i tend to extend it until 3 to 4 or something.

And also, which result me a less amount of doing my drawing and internet. *cries*
I have one hour to do my chores around the house and 1 hour to prepare myself for works and 1 hours of reading Sherlock Holmes.
So, I have less time to do arts and I'm gaining some pimples out of my stupid assignment.
So, either I like it or not, I have to put down all my arts activities to weekends. *cries more*
Assignment and Exams are not helping me at all either. *river of tears*

Anyway, what i was saying is that this few months would be the busiest months for me but I will catching up with my commission, request and my collab, but it would take me time since I'm still not used living in a house alone.
Most of it has finish but I haven't got the time to do the screentones and all the digital stuff. (Doesn't even bother to open my laptop due to exhaustion from works)

But, living alone giving me the chance to do all the things I like without anybody to interrupt me.
So yeah, weekends will be the best thing ever. <3
Not to mention the assignment about 'Injection' nearly killed me but I manage to finish it today! YAY!
And now, for my other assignment *facepalm*
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Honey Hana
Hello my dear citizen, Honeyhana reporting for duty.

And yeah, I'm a girl who loves anime, mostly yaoi and until now didn't have a boyfriend because I suck at finding one and I'm not much into a dating mood since I'm having the USUK fangirl syndrome for the moment and likes drawing at my desk rather sightseeing to the outside world.

Wait. Cancel the last part.

I love sightseeing but only when I have my MP3 with me and when I'm alone.
I like adventure by myself to a new places and enjoy walking while having a burger and iced tea.

I love making friends and trading draws.
And I love learning new drawing technique.
My weakness is........coloring. (mumble)

I am fond with cute things especially cats.
Yeah, I'mma cat person~ XD
I like cats that I felt like keeping 50 cats in my house one day when I've grown up and playing with them, eat with them, sleep with them and many more!

My favorite yaoi pairing now is USUK from Axis power hetalia.
I have my Facebook and Live journal Account.
If you interested to be freinds with me, please add me~


MY FAMILY!!!!! ♪ o(゚∀゚o) (o゚∀゚o) (o゚∀゚)o

:iconayien-chan: (Sweet Friend at Facebook)

:iconhawa777: (Same pervy as me Friend at Facebook)

:iconnoyu-chan: (Special Kohai at Facebook)

:iconarkthecolour: (Weirdo Friend at Facebook)

:iconsehra-sama: (Cool Friend at Facebook)

:iconbuntaks-art:(The long lost contact Friend at Facebook)

:iconmalice90: (Special Senpai Friend at Facebook)

:iconastraiasuka: (Special Chipsmore Friend at Facebook)

:iconeddy-melodie: (Special Arts Friend at Facebook)

:iconkiirusama: (Special Hetalia USUK and drawing Friend at Facebook)

:iconcreszel: (My long lost Senpai that I have found recently) ;w;

Worst Enemy!! ( メ ̄皿 ̄)=O);゚〇゚)ノ


Icon's collection: XD
Hetalia icon collection:

:iconamericapartyhardplz: :iconenglandgiggleplz: :iconyayamericaplz: :iconyayenglandplz: :iconyayfranceplz: :iconfuckyeahamericaplz: :iconfucknoenglandplz: :iconsexyenglandplz: :iconpervyamericaplz: :iconpervyenglandplz: :iconamericasulkplz: :iconukdanceplz: :iconenglandsparklesplz: :iconpervy2spainplz: :iconbelarusplz: :iconenglandomgplz: :iconrainbrowsplz: :iconamericawhyplz: :iconsoaparthurplz: :iconamericarapefaceplz: :iconus-xdplz:
:iconenglanditalyplz: :iconwtfenglandplz: :iconamericaisannoyedplz: :iconukishappyplz: :iconsadamericaplz: :iconffffukplz: :iconchibiamericaplz: :iconchibienglandplz: :iconemoenglandplz: :iconenglandfaceplz: :iconhappyenglandplz: :iconamericafaceplz: :iconenglandplz: :icondrunkiggyplz:
:iconsexybritishbeast: :iconpirateukrapefaceplz: :iconsexyamericaplz: :iconameribaaawwwplz: :iconuk-is-unimpressedplz: :iconwtfamericaplz: :iconamericasocoolplz: :iconiggynosebleedplz: :iconenglandblushplz: :iconenglandgasmplz: :iconenglandwhatplz: :iconherolaplz: :iconenglandlaplz: :iconhamburgasmplz: :icontable: :iconthrowarthurplz: :iconenglandwutplz: :iconamericaflipplz:

Randomfav collection:
:iconnyancatplz: :iconnyancatplz: :iconpoliticsplz: :iconprussiarollplz:

Current Residence: Selangor
Favourite genre of music: J-rock
Favourite style of art: Yaoi
Favourite cartoon character: Arthur Kirkland
Personal Quote: I like yaoi but I'm not yuri



HoneyHana has started a donation pool!
2 / 1,000
Hey guys! 8D
I'm starting my donation pool today to practice my coloring~! XD
And of course~!
I'll do commission from the donation of your request~
Though, I won't draw so many arts for the moment so that I could adjust my time too.
I'll add screen tones to make it better for the non-color~ >w<

Oh! I also do strip comic especially for Hetalia draws~ (Black and white with screen tones)

1.Chibi sketches = 15 points per character
(Without color and background) (Screen tones added)
2. Couple chibi's sketches = 25 points (Without color and background) (Screen tones added)
3. Chibi+Color= 40points (per character)
4. Hetalia Strip comic= 40points (2 pages)(Without color and background) (Screen tones added)

(The payment can be done after the job is done. I'll inform you before I would upload it)

1. I only draw Hetalia character, Vocaloid and OC character
2. I won't draw naked character~ >__<''
3. I won't draw yuri. But Nyotalia is an exception.


Chibi's draw example:… (Don't worry. I'll ink it with my pen, of course) 83

Strip comic example:…


:icontenakinn: : Strip comic (Working)

:iconlolohe: Strip comic (Sketches finished)

:iconnilawolfyuki: : 2P!USUK Full colored

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconsunflowere:
    Donated Aug 28, 2011, 3:40:45 PM



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